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is a project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union

Project ID: 101051402


Tudatos Tervezésért Egyesület / LTPA

“Long-Term Planning Association” (LTPA) is an Hungarian educational center offering informal and non-formal learning opportunities to young people and youth workers and assisting them to participate in European programmes.

Progeu is an Italian organization active in several fields related to the European Union, starting with europlanning activities, training, information and awareness raising campaigns.

POU Varaždin is a public institution for adult education and audio-visual programs founded by the City of Varaždin. Principally is engaged in the education of adults through training programs for unemployed people or people at risk of unemployment according to the needs of the labour market and conducts entrepreneurship education for entrepreneurs.

Active Youth Association is on a mission to create opportunities for youth and sustainable positive impact in the way we treat: our planet, vulnerable people, health and online community.