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This is FRIDAY

The creation of a toolkit for young environmental activists “For a green future. Becoming an activist – instructions for use(fullness)”. It will be the starting point for young people to get involved for their
future, looking for inclusive and innovative methods to be listened by Institutions and to participate in a political debate.

The project aims to create an inclusive environment to give opportunities for young people to express themselves and discuss their ideas, through debate and constructive activities. In particular will be addressed issues related to how to make future more sustainable, both politically and in practice.
The course and the working groups will deal with environmental issues and solutions.

Our goals

Goal 1

To increase knowledge of young people on environmental issues

Goal 2

To encourage the active participation of young people in European environmental policies

Goal 3

To raise young people's awareness of the importance of taking action against climate change

Main activities


Working group activities

Toolkit for young activists

4 flash mobs around europe

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